Back to School Crayon Card

This week is back to school for the school districts around where I live. It’s both exciting, since I’m going to be taking my first Graduate level class, but also breaking my little teacher heart since I wasn’t able to find a full time teaching position due to our move and getting my Ohio teaching license later than hoped. But I’m still hoping for another school position, and still loving this time of year.

Since my 5 year old nephew just started kindergarten today, I decided to send him a little card to let him know how excited we are for him to start. I wanted the card to look like a crayon box…especially since a fresh box of crayons was always my favorite school supply! I bought a shape from the Silhouette store that I modified to use for this project. Since the top of the box was the fold of the card, I couldn’t just cut out the outline shape to use, so instead I used yellow paper and cut out the “window” that I then traced and cut out with an Exacto knife. I loved how it turned out, and can be changed depending on the grade!
20160811_114148 20160811_114206

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