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Spring/Summer Monogram Wreath

Back around Easter of last year, I was itching to make something crafty that didn’t involve teaching (something that doesn’t happen often), and since our front door had looked quite bare since Christmas I decided that something crafty would be a wreath. I came across a pin on Pinterest that linked to a darling wreath on Etsy (which was no where to be found on the actual site). After seeing this wreath, I knew I wanted to make an A wreath, for our last name, and one that could be used in both spring and summer. I bought all of the materials from Michaels (grapevine wreath, white and purple flowers, galvanized letter A), then came home and got to work. It was very quick and easy to put together…both the flowers and letter A are hot glued onto the wreath. I did have to weave some of the flower ends into the wreath before hot gluing, but once again, it was easy to do. This is what I came up with:

So happy to see it hanging on our front door once again!

Spring (or Summer or Autumn or Winter!) Chalkboard Vinyl Bottles

For years I had saved 6 green bottles from a fancy drink to use for a craft I had envisioned. Well, it took until last year before I finally used them to create a cute spring/summer decoration! It was so simple to make…all I needed were the bottles, chalkboard vinyl, a Silhouette machine (though the vinyl could be cut out by hand if a Silhouette or Cricut isn’t available), decorative flowers, and a chalk marker (or regular chalk). I picked my favorite decorative box to cut out with the vinyl, then attached one to each bottle. I also wrote one letter each of the word
“spring”, as well as put one flower, into each bottle. After spring is over, just erase all bottles but the first one, spell out summer, and fill with summery flowers (like daisies or sunflowers!). I haven’t tried it in autumn or winter yet, but since both of those words are 6 letters as well, these bottles could be used year round! In autumn you could use wheat or darker flowers in them, and in winter you could put winter berries or some kind of decorative branches. The possibilities are really endless! (Flowers are from Michael’s Crafts).

Valentine’s Day Advent

February snuck up on me this year, and already it’s only 11 days until Valentine’s Day! A few years ago we had missed doing an advent for Christmas, so I decided to create one for Valentine’s Day. I have loved using it over the years, but it has started to fall apart and needed an update. Because of the location where I was planning on hanging it this year, I decided to recreate it in pink, rather than white, and with teal and purple accents. I used this envelope and this heart shape from Silhouette for the advent parts. The numbers are leftovers from a Thickers set (I can’t remember which one). I wrote various Valentine’s themed activities inside like make a heart shaped meal/treat, listen to a love song playlist, and create Valentines for each other, to name a few. I think it turned out just darling!

Homemade Tree Topper and Ornament

What should you do when you don’t particularly care for any of the tree toppers out there, and certaintly don’t want to spend a lot of money for one? Why make one of course! That’s just what I did with our tree topper. I found a paper machee star ornament from Hobby Lobby, glued yellow buttons on it, then hung it on the top of my tree. It’s the perfect tree topper for me, crafty, but still traditional with a star. The best part is that it cost about a dollar and took only 5 minutes to make 🙂

To go along with the tree topper, I made a smaller ornament that matched. Once again, very simple, cheap, and cute. It doesn’t get better than that during this busy time of year!