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Rustic Framed Quilt Blocks

Today is my due date! This is one of a few posts I wrote up ahead of time since I could possibly be extremely busy. After those posts I will be taking some time off from posting regularly for obvious reasons. I’d love to say that I will still be able to share something once a week, but I’m not going to worry if that doesn’t happen. Anyway, besides the shelf seen in this previous post, the last nursery project I have to share are these rustic framed quilt blocks. Going along with the rustic farmhouse theme I had in mind for the nursery, I knew quilt blocks were a MUST in the decor. I was inspired by this nursery post in which neutral quilt block printables were used, but I decided I wanted to actually sew a few myself. The only block I had already decided on was the Ohio Star one, but after looking through many more I ultimately chose a Flying Geese Square and Single Wedding Ring to round out the blocks. I wanted the finished blocks to be a 12×12 inch square, and used this guide to help me cut the triangles the correct way.

Once the quilt blocks were done, my husband cut, put together, and stained the frames for them. I’ve been a bit too clumsy to want to be near any kind of saw, so I smartly delegated that to him, and he was more than happy to help out. He used 1×3 pieces of wood, wood glue, and a frame clamp to piece the frames together, then stained them using this gray Minwax stain. I had bought super cheap 12×12 scrapbook frames for the glass, so these wood frames were just attached to that so there would be glass protecting the fabric. I absolutely adore them in the nursery! The colors and style are the perfect touch for this room. From L to R the blocks are: Ohio Star, Flying Geese Square, and Single Wedding Ring.

Nursery Bunting and Garland

While deciding what decor to put in the nursery, I knew I wanted it to be simple, homemade (if possible), and have a modern farmhouse style. Once I picked a color scheme I figured out quickly what I wanted to make and was able to get to work. Above the crib I wanted something with color (since our crib is white), but yet lightweight in case it fell down. Bunting was the perfect solution! I collected lavender and gray fabric from a few places including Joann Fabrics and Sew to Speak, also some I had leftover from the king quilt I made a few years back. To make the shape of the bunting pieces I used the triangle from this Silhouette store shape set with a width of 5 inches and cut two triangles per bunting piece that I wanted. I put the wrong sides together (the non-print side), and sewed them together like the diagram below.

Once I had all the pieces I wanted, I lined them up next to a long piece of 1/2 inch wide bias tape, then pinned them in place, sliding each bunting piece between the two sides of bias tape. Finally I sewed them with a 1/4 inch allowance, and trimmed the tails so they wouldn’t be too long, then hung it up above the crib. Completely darling!

The second part of this post is about the felt ball garland I made to go under the wall bookshelf. Have you seen felt balls before? Using felt balls is one of my favorite ways to decorate, whether it be in a garland, poured into a mason jar, or scattered on a flat surface. They can be found at craft shows, or various places online (like Etsy!), and I have a small collection of colors already 🙂 Anyway, I found a purple variety pack via the website, Jane, that I used in combination with some lavender and mini cream colored felt balls I already had. The pack came with white bakers twine and I only needed a thick needle to push through each felt ball until the garland was complete. It’s a very simple decoration to make, and looks SO cute!

Mega Man Quilt Top=done

A few days ago I completed the Mega Man quilt top! I’ve been working on this thing for a while now, so I’m quite excited for the top to be done!! Once I finish the back and the quilting is done, I will post the finished product. I had so much fun working on it, and let’s just say that I am already planning some other video game quilts for the future 🙂

Finished King Quilt

After nearly 3 years in the making, our king quilt is finally finished! It all started in 2011 after I finished a quilt for Vince (and a few months after I finished my first two quilts for my parents). I decided I wanted to make a quilt for our bed, one that we could use exclusively in the summer, and over our blanket in the winter. For our second anniversary Vince gave me a gift card to Joann Fabrics (since the 2nd anniversary gift is cotton), and I could finally start on the king quilt. My mom bought me the book, Modern Basics by Amy Ellis, where I found the quilt pattern I wanted to use. Over the next several months I began collecting fabric for the quilt top. I bought some of the fabric at Joann’s and the rest at various quilt shops. By spring of 2012 I finally had collected enough variety in fabric to start cutting. I finally finished the quilt top in August of 2012, but with the quilting being so expensive we put it off until last year. Autumn of 2013 I finally bought the fabric for the quilt back (I decided to just use a solid cream), but didn’t send it off to be quilted until after Christmas. With the crazy busy semester the binding wasn’t finished until a few weeks ago, finally culminating several years of working on the huge quilt! Now that it’s finished I am in love!!!!!!!!!! It was worth all the money and time put into it, and something that we will treasure forever. I can’t say I ever want to make another king sized quilt again, but I sure am planning on a few others.


How it all started


After organizing the fabric by color and size


Organizing the fabric into blocks


Rows of the quilt before I sewed them together


The finished quilt top


After coming back from the quilter


The finished product


An up close detail of the quilting


It’s perfect!!!!