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Painted onesies

When I first received my Silhouette Cameo, I was thrilled for all of the scrapbooky/card making things I could do with it. The ability to cut out so many shapes and designs, I knew it would change how I made things. One thing I didn’t think about, was how many more crafts I’d be able to make using it, including adorable baby and kids clothes. For years my nephews/nieces were my test subjects, and I made a few painted shirts/onesies for them. But now that I have a little one, I can start making things for her! And since I had numerous white onesies, I decided to spruce up two of them with a cute design/saying. The whole process doesn’t take very long (besides choosing a design and waiting for paint to dry), and it can be done without a Silhouette or Cricut if you have the patience and time to cut out a design by hand.

I started by ironing the onesies so they would be as smooth as possible for the design. I then chose the images and fonts I wanted and inserted them into the Silhouette Design software. I had read on an old Silhoutte tutorial (that I can’t find now!), to draw a box around each shape so that it can be easily removed from the stencil vinyl and added to the item being stenciled on, so I did that next. This video game controller image is actually from a font called Video Games Font from dafont, and the player 3 font is KG Summer Storm.

Once I was ready to cut I set up the software to cut out stencil vinyl, then placed it on the onesie where I wanted it, and finally started to paint. This first onesie that I painted only had one layer, so I only needed one paint color, black. The second one I made had a few layers (apple, stem, leaf, words), so I had to let each layer dry before adding the next one. Obviously, the more intricate and colorful the image, the longer it takes because of all the wait time for paint to dry. After the paint dried, I removed the stencil, then placed a piece of parchment paper over the image and heat set with an iron.

Here is the other onesie I created. The apple image is from this image set found on the Silhouette store, and the words are from the same LG font as above.

I love love LOVE how both of the onesies turned out! And I can’t wait to make more!

Have a SUPER Birthday

While trying to come up with a birthday card for my husband’s birthday, I stumbled across a website that had Mario fonts! It was pretty exciting, since I could download one and use it with my Silhouette Cameo. I chose the Super Mario Bros font, downloaded it, and then used it for the word, SUPER in this card. For the picture, I found an image online from Super Mario World that I printed out, and added to the card. Voila! An easy, but fun card for my husband’s birthday, which is today!

Nursery Bunting and Garland

While deciding what decor to put in the nursery, I knew I wanted it to be simple, homemade (if possible), and have a modern farmhouse style. Once I picked a color scheme I figured out quickly what I wanted to make and was able to get to work. Above the crib I wanted something with color (since our crib is white), but yet lightweight in case it fell down. Bunting was the perfect solution! I collected lavender and gray fabric from a few places including Joann Fabrics and Sew to Speak, also some I had leftover from the king quilt I made a few years back. To make the shape of the bunting pieces I used the triangle from this Silhouette store shape set with a width of 5 inches and cut two triangles per bunting piece that I wanted. I put the wrong sides together (the non-print side), and sewed them together like the diagram below.

Once I had all the pieces I wanted, I lined them up next to a long piece of 1/2 inch wide bias tape, then pinned them in place, sliding each bunting piece between the two sides of bias tape. Finally I sewed them with a 1/4 inch allowance, and trimmed the tails so they wouldn’t be too long, then hung it up above the crib. Completely darling!

The second part of this post is about the felt ball garland I made to go under the wall bookshelf. Have you seen felt balls before? Using felt balls is one of my favorite ways to decorate, whether it be in a garland, poured into a mason jar, or scattered on a flat surface. They can be found at craft shows, or various places online (like Etsy!), and I have a small collection of colors already 🙂 Anyway, I found a purple variety pack via the website, Jane, that I used in combination with some lavender and mini cream colored felt balls I already had. The pack came with white bakers twine and I only needed a thick needle to push through each felt ball until the garland was complete. It’s a very simple decoration to make, and looks SO cute!

Spring (or Summer or Autumn or Winter!) Chalkboard Vinyl Bottles

For years I had saved 6 green bottles from a fancy drink to use for a craft I had envisioned. Well, it took until last year before I finally used them to create a cute spring/summer decoration! It was so simple to make…all I needed were the bottles, chalkboard vinyl, a Silhouette machine (though the vinyl could be cut out by hand if a Silhouette or Cricut isn’t available), decorative flowers, and a chalk marker (or regular chalk). I picked my favorite decorative box to cut out with the vinyl, then attached one to each bottle. I also wrote one letter each of the word
“spring”, as well as put one flower, into each bottle. After spring is over, just erase all bottles but the first one, spell out summer, and fill with summery flowers (like daisies or sunflowers!). I haven’t tried it in autumn or winter yet, but since both of those words are 6 letters as well, these bottles could be used year round! In autumn you could use wheat or darker flowers in them, and in winter you could put winter berries or some kind of decorative branches. The possibilities are really endless! (Flowers are from Michael’s Crafts).