Monthly Archives: November 2014

Mustache Birthday

Today is my Dad’s birthday! This card was perfect for him because he has quite the impressive mustache. I found the mustache image (it was a 4 pack of mustaches) on Silhouette, and knew I had to use it in a card. I didn’t have my normal set-up, and was in a very cloudy, rainy state when I took the picture, so this isn’t as high quality as I’d like, but it will have to do.

Simple Give Thanks Banner

I created this banner a few years ago using autumn scrapbook paper, a few letters, and some twine. The letters I bought from a local scrapbook store (before I owned a Silhouette), and the paper I had leftover from another project. I punched holes in the top of the cards to hold the twine, then strung the twine through each card. It was a very easy project and the banner is simple, yet cute.

Characteristics of a Teacher Mini Album

This semester I have really been itching to create something, which is hard when I’m buried in homework and studying. Luckily we had an assignment to create something to show the characteristics of a teacher. We were given a worksheet that we had the option of coloring and filling out, but, being me, I had to create a scrapbook 🙂 I didn’t have a change to take pictures of it before I turned it in, so it got a little roughed up while in transport, but still cute as ever! Just because this has words on it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be adapted with small pictures (how cute would this be with Instagram pics?!).