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Hello and welcome to Happy Homemade! After a few years blogging on Scrapetite, I decided I needed a change.  I’ve always loved crafts, not just card making, since I was a young girl. As I’ve gotten older I’ve not only still loved to scrapbook and make cards, but also sew, quilt, knit, build, bake, photograph, design, and more. This blog will be a place I can share all of my projects, recipes, and ideas, and hopefully connect with others who love the same. It will have quite a wide variety of projects, and I know I’ll have fun completing and sharing them. I’m not sure how often I’ll get around to posting, but I don’t see it being more than 2 or 3 times a month most of the time.

I chose to name the blog Happy Homemade, because that is exactly what homemade things makes me, happy! One of my favorite quotes that have been floating around Pinterest says, “Happiness is Homemade”. What a true statement! Over the past few years I’ve tried to hand make most gifts I give, things to beautify my home, food we eat, and more. By creating things for my home and life I appreciate them more, learn important skills, and just have more fun! There are plenty of skills and things I’m still eager to learn and create, and this blog will be a great motivation for me to do so.

I hope you enjoy reading about, and completing on your own, the many projects I have in store. It’s going to be a fun adventure, and I know your homemade things will make you happy 🙂

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