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Rustic Necklace Holder

I’ve had a need for a necklace holder for some time now. I decided to take my necklaces out of the bead organization box they were in, and figure out a way I could display them…well most of them (I have quite a few…). I wanted something rustic/farmhouse-themed, and didn’t really have much money to spend on something. Then, I had an idea. When I take pictures of cards I place them on a backdrop made of several boards of weathered wood. One of the boards doesn’t look like the rest of them, and I always leave it out of the picture because of that. This was the perfect board for this project. I bought those weathered boards from Hobby Lobby a few years ago, though now the style is popular enough that they can be found in other stores too. The only other thing I needed were hooks to actually hang the necklaces. These were found in a pack of 100 for about 2 dollars at Home Depot. Some hardware stores actually have them loose for even cheaper, but I settled for the box.

The first thing I did was lay the hooks in front of the wood piece to see how many hooks I wanted and how far spaced they should be, then I marked a single black dot above each one. Next, I needed to drill some “prep holes” where each dot is, to make it easier to screw in the hooks, since it’s nearly impossible to do without that. Be careful when doing this, because I accidentally broke the drill bit about half way through (luckily it only cost a few dollars, but still).
After the holes are drilled, I could then screw in each of the hooks. The first few turns were easy with just my fingers, but by the end I needed to use pliers. I hung it on our chest of drawers with Command Strips, but, someday when we’re not renting, I would like to actually attach it better to a wall. I really love how simple, and inexpensive, it was to make! And my necklaces look good on display, rather than kept in a box ๐Ÿ™‚

Homemade Headboard and Nightstands

It’s about time I share the headboard and nightstands we built earlier this year! My husband did most of the work, but I was a pretty good helper ๐Ÿ™‚ Technically this wasn’t our first building project (we had already built a planter), so building wasn’t completely new to us. Lucky for us, this time around we had a miter saw and Kreg Jig to use! We decided to stick with pine as our wood, but had a difficult time finding good pieces. I kind of wish now that we would have spent even more time and gone to more places to get the best wood pieces, but we can’t change that now, only remember it for future projects. Anyway, we started both of these projects in November! It’s been a fun project to work on,



We started with the headboard, which came together beautifully. From a builders’ prospective, there aren’t many mistakes on it at all, which is great with this being our first time building actual furniture. And just like most DIY furniture builders these days, we used a plan from Ana White. Someday we want to build the rest of the bed, isn’t it perfect?! Anyway, I first wanted to paint the headboard white, but with our sheets and quilt being a cream color I didn’t think that would look good (and didn’t want to remake a king quilt and buy new sheets), so we decided staining would look the best. But as we looked into it, we started to wonder if our pine would stain as nice, especially since we had a hard time finding good pieces.ย The color that kept coming to my mind was gray, but after searching on Pinterest and Houzz I couldn’t really find a gray painted wood headboard, only fabric ones, so it was hard to picture if the gray would really look good on wood. After much indecisiveness we decided on gray, and boy am I glad because it looks lovely on the headboard!!! Not to mention the gray will really complement our cream sheets and cream, purple, and green quilt.

20131117_181934 20131127_214359(0)




Now the nightstands are a little different. We knew they’d be harder to build, and since we didn’t have the best of wood they ended up not fitting together as well as we’d hoped. As far as the plan goes, we used a combination of this plan and this plan, in addition to modifying a few things (like another shelf!). The part I was the most worried about (the drawer) ended up working out great, but the shelves didn’t fit very well. The night we brought them in we discovered they were just barely too wide for our room! Back to the workshop they went, where my husband narrowed them to fit better. He also fixed the part of the shelf that was a little messed up, so now they are perfect!! We went with the same gray for the top and the shelves as we did the headboard, but supplemented it with a slightly creamy white. I love the two-toned color scheme!!! They aren’t perfect, but I love them anyway!

20131202_211228 DSC_7066