Autumn Birthday Card- Jump For Joy!

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on here! Partly because things started to get busy with my class, subbing, and other obligations, but mostly because I was experiencing fatigue and morning sickness since I’m pregnant! Now that the first trimester, and accompanying symptoms, are over, I’m hoping to get back to the crafting I love, starting with a birthday card.

Today is my dad’s birthday….and it’s an exciting one! Since his birthday is in autumn each year, I decided to create a card that reflected that using one of the new stamp sets I got for my birthday, Lawn Fawn’s Jump For Joy. The patterned paper is from the Hello Sunshine paper pack that Pink Paislee makes, and I used Stampin Up colored pencils and blender pen to color in the fox and leaves (the colored pencils are no longer on their website, but you could use any watercolor pencil and these blender pens). I love how it turned out, and my dad loved it too. So Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Rustic Necklace Holder

I’ve had a need for a necklace holder for some time now. We moved across the country back in July, and now that we’re settled, I decided to take my necklaces out of the bead organization box they were in, and figure out a way I could display them…well most of them (I have quite a few…). I wanted something rustic/farmhouse-themed, and didn’t really have much money to spend on something. Then, I had an idea. When I take pictures of cards I place them on a backdrop made of several boards of weathered wood. One of the boards doesn’t look like the rest of them, and I always leave it out of the picture because of that. This was the perfect board for this project. I bought those weathered boards from Hobby Lobby a few years ago, though now the style is popular enough that they can be found in other stores too. The only other thing I needed were hooks to actually hang the necklaces. These were found in a pack of 100 for about 2 dollars at Home Depot. Some hardware stores actually have them loose for even cheaper, but I settled for the box.

The first thing I did was lay the hooks in front of the wood piece to see how many hooks I wanted and how far spaced they should be, then I marked a single black dot above each one. Next, I needed to drill some “prep holes” where each dot is, to make it easier to screw in the hooks, since it’s nearly impossible to do without that. Be careful when doing this, because I accidentally broke the drill bit about half way through (luckily it only cost a few dollars, but still).
After the holes are drilled, I could then screw in each of the hooks. The first few turns were easy with just my fingers, but by the end I needed to use pliers. I hung it on our chest of drawers with Command Strips, but, someday when we’re not renting, I would like to actually attach it better to a wall. I really love how simple, and inexpensive, it was to make! And my necklaces look good on display, rather than kept in a box πŸ™‚

Autumn Colored Birthday Card

Sorry for the insane amount of birthday cards lately…but there are so many family birthdays in autumn around here! This card was a bit difficult to make, mostly because of the color palette I chose to work with, which was a more muted and autumn colored palette.Β In fact, it was so difficult that my next project is full of bright colors, which is much easier to work with! Anyway, I’m amazed I had enough scraps to use, and I love how adorable this card turned out. That fox stamp is quite versatile!
orange-green-gold-wedding-colors-01 20160830_142239

Woo-hoo! Polaroid mini birthday card

Using the same color scheme as the last card, and since I had practiced my Copic marker skills on a stamped fox image, I decided to create another card…this time a mini one. I love it so much that I think this might be one I create a bunch of to tell on my Etsy shop (that I’ve never sold anything on). I mean…look how darling this is!!!! I used the fox image from “Into the Woods”, and the sentiment from “Critters in the Forest”…both from Lawn Fawn, and the papers are once again scraps. I also used a birthday hat cutout from the Silhouette Design Store. This is one of my favorite cards that I’ve ever made πŸ™‚