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  1. Dianne Miller

    My website features tons of original FREE printables for preschoolers. There are crafts, games, murals, nametags, seek and finds and much more. The website is in support of the Little Bunny eBook series, but you don’t have to buy an eBook to enjoy all the FREE printables. The printables are used all over the world; in many of the countries the Kindle eBooks are not even available. There are no strings attached, the FREE printables are truly for preschool fun and learning.
    Please feel free to share the Little Bunny printables with your readers and let me know if I can do something to help you, I would be happy to be a guest blogger or help you create a special blog about preschool learning.
    Dianne Miller

  2. Katy L

    Hi! I was wondering about the Mega Man quilt you made! My husband has asked for one and while I’ve done sewing and some other hand made projects this would be my first quilt. I saw yours online and wanted to know if you could pass along your tips and tricks to making this!
    Thank you!
    Katy L

    1. Megan Post author

      Although it was time consuming (since there are so many tiny blocks), it really is a great first project since it just involves squares. I found a video game sprite online that I wanted to copy…and that helped tremendously since I knew exactly how many squares to make since they correlate with the pixels. So first I’d find one of those…you can just search online for a Mega Man sprite. Then I had to decide what size I wanted it and did a little math. I knew what dimensions i wanted roughly, so I divided both the length and width by the number of squares to get an estimate. I remember the first time it was an odd number to cut, so I rounded it up to something easier, which happened to be cutting 2 inch squares. Those ended up being 1.5 inches across in the quilt (since I had a 1/4 inch seam allowance on each side when sewing them together). I’d for sure recommend looking up a basic quilting tutorial for the specific quilting terms and whatnot, but then you can use whichever Mega Man sprite you find as a pattern”. Good luck!


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