Monthly Archives: June 2016

Short Scrappy Thanks

We just got back from Las Vegas today where the temps were in the 110’s. Wayyy too hot for me, that’s for sure. Although Utah isn’t cool, it feels much better than where we were. Anyway, I originally made this as a bigger card, but no matter what I tried to add or do it just didn’t look right. So I cut the bottom off…and discovered that was all it needed. I love making cards using paper scraps because I always end up with so many. Is it just me, or is it physically painful to throw away any kind of paper scrap, no matter the size? Maybe I’m just the crazy one! My favorite thing about this card is that there are unlimited versions of it. Just swapping out 1 paper for another will completely change it. This is a layout I return to time and time again.

Hello (weekend)!

I’m SO happy it’s finally the weekend again, but mostly happy because the temperatures are only going to be in the 80’s tomorrow which means hiking is a go! Before the weekend officially starts and I get too busy, I wanted to share a card I made while escaping from the heat inside. It made me long for the dark, cloudy days of autumn. Cloud and sun shapes were found via the Silhouette Design store.

2 Birthdays

Last month was my husband’s birthday, and this month houses both my cousin’s, and my late grandpa’s, birthdays as well, so it’s fitting that I share a birthday card or two today. First is the birthday card I made for my husband last month, and the second is one I made a few weeks ago. Both have cutouts made with my Silhouette Cameo.

20160618_144234 20160618_144311