Halloween Costumes 2014

Presenting Mike Wazowski and Celia Mae!DSC_0348


Picture from: http://pixar.wikia.com/Celia_Mae

I’ll start with the Mike Wazowski costume. We ordered a bright green shirt from Amazon for the base. The eyes and mouth are cut out from felt and sewed together. Rather than sewing the eyes and mouth to the shirt, we just safety pinned it on so the shirt can easily be used later on. I had most of the felt at home, but the blue felt I went out and bought from Hobby Lobby only cost .25, making this a pretty cheap costume (only a few dollars for the shirt, that can now be reused).

The Celia Mae costume was a little more involved. I bought a long sleeve purple shirt and purple leggings from Walmart, the boa from Joann’s, and I already had the headband that her eye is sewn to. I made Celia’s eye just like Mike’s, but I hand sewed hers on (it was easy to take the stitches out of so I can use the headband again). You can barely see the snakes, but they are just toy snakes that I painted purple. This is the only part of the costume I wish was different. The snakes I bought online turned out to be a lot smaller than I thought and my purple paint was a lot darker than I thought. If I had more time (and wasn’t taking 18 credits this semester!) I would have sewn the snakes to make it look even more like her costume. I’ll have to do that next time! For the dress I bought 2 yards of green sequin fabric, then used a sheath dress I already owned for a “pattern” since I didn’t have one and didn’t want to buy one. I think it turned out fairly good, especially for whipping it out in less than an hour (it probably would’ve been quicker if I hadn’t used fabric with sequins on it!). This will be a costume we will have to repeat someday when we have kids and can incorporate more of the characters 🙂

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