Teaching First Grade Mini Album

I have never shared the darling mini album I made to chronicle my first year of being a first grade teacher, when nearly another school year has passed, so it’s about time that I share it! Throughout the school year I kept a weekly list of 5 things that I loved and posted about it on Friday of that week. It was a wonderful way to stay positive and focus on all of the best things about being a teacher, even though there were many challenges and tough times. I used those lists, as well as other memories and pictures, to create a mini album that I’ll be able to treasure for a long time. Since many of the pages have pictures of students, I won’t be able to share too many. I used a mini 4×4 inch “Instagram” album from My Memory Keepers, as well as the page protectors that go along with them. My favorite pages are the quote ones! I’ve only made a few mini albums this small before, but I always forget how much I enjoy it. My next one is going to be one based on my dog 🙂

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